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    A supplies firm specialized in bulk sourcing, supply and delivery of perishable and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) and frequently needed services..

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Our Main Mission Is:

To provide organizations with a one-stop-shop; which is efficient and cost effective, for their frequent goods and services needs, in the most professional, dedicated, capable and committed way.

Who We ARE

We are a professional supplies firm established by a consortium of entrepreneurs and traders.

Our Process

We established this firm out of sheer frustrations we faced daily from lack of efficient and streamlined trading services in Ethiopia. Dealing with multiple suppliers for different goods and services, quality variations, price fluctuations, endless wait for deliveries, broken promises and commitments, unethical dealings and business practices etc. became time consuming and costly. Thus, we decided to do something to solve the problem.

Our Approach

Partnering with over 150 importers, sole agents and representatives of internationally known quality brands and local service providers, we have set-up this one-stop-shop for supply of goods and services. Our goal is to meet the demands of frequent and recurring needs of organizations in one location, at no extra cost to them. We know your time has value. We have worked hard to make the ordering process extremely efficient – a phone call or a click away! We also deliver anywhere in Ethiopia in the shortest possible time.

These Are Some Of Our Works..

We Supply Quality Goods And Service In The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Manner.

Perishables & FMCGs

Perishables & FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) (Foodstuff, Water & beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Cleaning & Sanitary goods, Stationaries etc.

Catering Services

Catering Services (Food Catering, Cocktail & Bar Service, Serving Staff, Pantries rental etc.)

Event Equipment Rental

Event Equipment Rental (Stage, sound & light renal, Event decoration Equipment etc.)

Safety Gears & Uniforms

Safety Gears & Uniforms (Protective clothing, labeled & custom-made uniforms, gloves, Fire Extinguishers & Hydrants, Specialty & Hygiene Equipment etc.)

Vehicles Rental

All Kinds of Vehicles Rental, Service (Trucks, Pick-ups, Vans, Four Wheel Drives, Luxury Cars & Limousines Water & Fuel Tankers, Mechanical Service, etc.)

Power Tools

Power Tools & Construction Equipment Supply (Sell & Rental) (Earth moving machineries, Generators, Tractors etc.)

Security & Protection

Security & Protection (Professional Security Guards, Body Guards & Personal Protection Services etc.)

Legal Services

Legal Services (Lawyers & Attorneys, Legal Affairs Facilitation etc.)

Who We Serve

We serve a multitude of organizations with bulk supply needs and recurring temporary service requirements. This includes non-governmental & non-profit organizations, large-scale factories & manufacturers, military camps, governmental agencies, commercial farms, corporations, multi-national and national organizations, embassies and diplomatic missions. We offer a discount bundle during holidays and special events.

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